Roadmap Announcement

Update 0.3.X

Chapter 3: Spring Chapter.

New Ability: Dash.

Update 0.4.X

Chapter 4: Summer Chapter.

New Ability Double Jump.

Update 0.5.X

Chapter 5: Fall Chapter.

New Ability: Telekinesis

Update 0.6.X

Chapter 6: Winter Chapter.

New Mechanic: Rails to Glide

Update 0.7.X

Chapter 7: Sky Chapter.

New Ability: Fly

Update 0.8.X

Final Chapter 8: Heaven Chapter.

Update 0.9.X

Hub Level 

Removal of level select panel.

Global Score System

Release 1.0.0

Character customization.

Hub customization.

Global Chat System on Hub

Update 1.1.X

Multiplayer Game Mod

Multiplayer levels to race with people that have interactive traps. 

Hub level also become a lobby to show off your customized home/room to others or chill with them.

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