Update 0.2.263

Thank you very much for your feedback and here is our first update.

  • Inverted Vertical Aim added to Settings.
  • Mouse Sensitivity added to Settings and pause menu.
  • Changing setting values now requires clicking the Apply button to execute and save them.
  • Setting layout changed.
  • Spiky Walls model fixed.
  • Number of flying skulls was reduced in the first chapter.
  • Moving platforms slowed on the second level of the first chapter.
  • Wall Run/Wall Jump detection range is increased.
  • Wall Run improved, you move faster and fall slower now.
  • Dead/Resurrection changed and added visual effects.
  • Getting hit sounds added.
  • Moving slightly after releasing the movement button issue was fixed. Now you stop suddenly once you stop pressing the movement buttons.
  • Checkpoint timer system is fixed.
  • Some textures changed.
  • Update tab added. 
  • Prevent pausing while respawning.
  • All levels changed/modified slightly. 

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    Hell Runner Early Access Win Setup OLD 02262.zip
    Oct 18, 2022
    Hell Runner Early Access Linux OLD v02262.zip 971 MB
    Oct 18, 2022

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