This is a game jam game where is the theme was "Multiple Types of Health Meter" So what i did is turn ammo into health. What about multiple types? That is where you have to different weapon type come in. Bullet and rocket. If you change your weapon type, that mean you also change your current health. So better not pick up a weapon that you currently have low ammo because you can kill yourself if you spend all your ammo and not get any ammo pack before it. 
I'm gonna make this into full game tough because i turn out really like it :D 

How to Play:

WASD To Move
Left Mouse Click To Shoot

ESCAPE To Pause Game 

If you lose your current ammo you will die

If you get hit your current ammo will spend.

If you let enemies pass through you they will make your ammo go down. Kill them. 


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awesome! keep making game!

u'll get good places.

Thanks mate